TESCO Duplicate Bill | Online Bill Check and Payment in 2023

TESCO stands for Tribal Areas Electric Supply Company, and as the name suggests, it services a tribal area. It is famous for increasing customer service and offering amenities as well to its consumers.

TESCO is known to be a powerhouse of convenience because they offer online bill payment. No doubt The TESCO Online Bill is often a great choice for many reasons.

For example, the service makes it easy to pay your bills online and you can also view your TESCO Duplicate Bill online, which is helpful if you need to be able to check on how much energy you’re using or have used in the past month.

You can keep track of who you’re paying and when that payment was due so as to avoid missing any payments. You may also check and download your LESCO, FESCO, PESCO, GEPCO and K-Electric Bills at here.

14 Digit Reference Number

Find your reference number on your TESCO bill. It will either be a 14-digit number inscribed into the top corner of your bill near the top, or it might be located below the detail section at the bottom.

Duplicate Electricity Bill (TESCO)

TESCO is a company that provides electricity to people as well as less-developed nations. It was founded in August 2004 by the authority of PEPCO and the Power Division of the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources in Pakistan.

Using mobile technology to allow customers to pay bills remotely, TESCO has created a reliable and trustworthy system for providing electricity globally.

Most Important Goal

Tesco duplicate Bill Company’s most important goal is to provide power to tribal communities, hardworking power to the elderly communities and public key power for the affected areas.

TESCO employees work at peak hours, ready and willing to serve any customer at any time of day. TESCO is happy to help with customer service and inquire about billing matters so you can track your bill come due date.

At TESCO, payment is easy and convenient, with several options available including 24-hour payments available through Direct Debit so you can enjoy uninterrupted electric power whenever you want it.

How can you check TESCO online Bill?

It can be quite easy for customers to manage their TESCO accounts. TESCO has a variety of different perks and advantages for its customers, one of which is the Statement Online feature.

This helps save time when paying your bills because you no longer have to wait by the mail box for delivery – thus we hope that you appreciate this service. If you want to pay your bill online, it’s important to know how to make an entry into the TESCO website in order to do so.

  1. Pick up your cell phone or laptop
  2. Open a web browser
  3. Type billinginfo.pk
  4. Click Go or search.
  5. A box in the middle of the screen will be shown.
  6. Type your reference number in it.
  7. Click on generate button.
  8. And you can check your bill instantly.

How to Print TESCO Online Duplicate Electricity Bill?

  1. Click on the Button Above
  2. Then, Enter your 14-Digit Reference Number.
  3. Click on Submit.
  4. Your TESCO Online Bill will be displayed.
  5. Click on “Page Setup” from the File menu in Internet Explorer.
  6. Select “A4” as your Paper Size
  7. Delete “Header” and “Footer” values
  8. Click “Portrait” as your Orientation
  9. Now, press the OK button.
  10. Select “Print” from the File Menu
  11. At the last, click the Print Button after choosing an appropriate printer.

Areas Facilitated by TESCO

TESCO is an electric supply company that provides electricity to the FATA and surrounding districts, including Peshawar:

  1. Bajaur Agency
  2. Miran Shah
  3. Parachinar
  4. Wana
  5. Razmak
  6. Sadda
  7. Lower Dir
  8. Landi Kotal
  9. Mir Ali Mirali
  10. Jandola
  11. Ladha
  12. Makin
  13. And much more just like a lotus.

TESCO Duplicate Bill Payment Techniques

Let’s take a look at the most common method for sending mail which involves visiting the post office. For those of you who have sent or received mail in the past, you know that the process can be very time-consuming.

Because you have to wake up early to stand in long lines just to get your bills submitted on time. In fact, some people often agree that too much time is spent on sending a letter today and this is why they’ve switched over to using cloud apps like Google Drive which also offers storage space for letters.

Use JazzCash App

One technique for learning to better manage your money is by downloading the Jazz Cash app and following in my footsteps. No doubt this approach may be particularly useful because of the nature of how easy it is to download and use the Jazz Cash app.

  1. Download JazzCash application.
  2. Open it.
  3. Click this Option “Bill Payments”.
  4. Click TESCO.
  5. Enter the 14 digits based reference number.
  6. Click on the payment.
  7. Payment is done and the bill is submitted.

EasyPaisa App

Easy Paisa App is one of the most effective ways to ensure that you have a positive customer experience. So get started:

  1. Download the Easypaisa application.
  2. Open it.
  3. Click this Option “Bill Payments”.
  4. Select TESCO.
  5. Enter the 14 digits based reference number.
  6. Click on the payment.
  7. Payment is done and the bill is submitted.

TESCO Working Time

Tesco is open 7 days a week, Monday through Saturday from 9am to 5pm. However, Sundays is off. On Fridays there is a two-hour break for Jema’ah prayers from 1pm to 3 pm during which the store remains closed.

In either circumstance, you can contact their emergency services number if you have an electrical problem or question that needs to be addressed outside of normal business hours.

TESCO Bill Calculator

You know that you can easily calculate the consumption of electricity by using a basic formula. By equating it to an instantaneous rate, you can figure out how much is used over a certain period of time. This is helpful when trying to lower your electric bill.

  1. First, go and double-check your meter reading or let’s just estimate it.
  2. The unit of electric power is KW/H means Killowattperhour.
  3. You consumed 32-watt CLF for 20 hours.
  4. 32-watt CLF x 20 hours = 640 W/H = 0.64 KW/H.
  5. 0.64 KW/H x 30 days of month = 19.2 KW/H in a month.

TESCO Bill Rate

  • 1 to 50 units the rate will be 3.5 PKR.
  • 51 to 100 units the rate will be 4.8 PKR.
  • 101 to 300 units the rate will be approximately 8 PKR.

TESCO Helpline

If you want to contact TESCO, there are a couple of ways for you to do it. You can email them right at tescopesh@yahoo.com and someone will get back to you soon, or you can call them at 091-9212987.

  • Address: Tribal Areas Electric Supply Company, TESCO Headquarter, WAPDA house Peshawar, Pakistan
  • Fax Number: 091-9212950
  • Official Phone Numbers: 091-9212987 / 091-9212006

FAQs Related to TESCO Duplicate Bill

How do I download my Tesco Mobile bill?

You can view your bill by accessing the Bills tab within the Mobile section of your account. Here you’ll see your current charges and available credit balances, as well as a complete list of all previous charges.

To save or print your bill, click on the PDF icon under Actions for any given month. All billing information is stored online so you can search through your bills at any time – just be sure to have your login details handy.

What happens if you miss a payment Tesco Mobile?

Missing one or more of your Tesco Mobile phone bills could lead to a restriction in your service and even having it completely cut-off. So if you think this will happen then we suggest that you get in contact with the company immediately.

However, if you make sure to stay on top of things, like making sure your account is current when the bill arrives and paying off any outstanding issues that may be carried over from bill to bill. Then we’re sure there won’t be any need for concern.

How do I view my Tesco bill online?

Log on to My Tesco Mobile. If you do not have an account, you can register by clicking on ‘Create Account’. Enter your phone number and postcode to create a personal account.

After registration, the Home page will display your most recent bill amount as well as remaining balances on all your bundles.

What is device credit agreement?

A credit agreement is a type of loan sanctioned by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) which allows you to spread the cost of a particular device over a number of months.

What payment methods does Tesco accept?

To check out, pay with Visa, Matercard, Red Switch and Maestro credit cards. Pay+ allows you to spend your PayPal balance in Tesco Online and debit cards including Tesco Bank credit cards can be used for a successful purchase.

What time do Tesco take payment?

They take the payment of your order the moment it’s placed. If they can’t get through to your credit card. They will call and ask you to provide an alternative method of payment, such as Paypal or a prepaid credit card.

After delivery has taken place, yet we receive no response we would need to return to base where your order will then remain or get given away to a charity if unclaimed after 24 hours.

However, if you make contact with us within 24 hours in advance of our original arrival date and time, not only can we resolve any issues but depending on our location we can also reattempt delivery there and then without having to take anything back!

Why can’t I log into my Tesco account?

If you’re having trouble accessing your account, please do the following: make sure that any required information is accurately filled out; if your password has been forgotten.

Please update it by following the steps listed. If it is asking that you input the Verification code then enter the 3 digits requested on your Clubcard to proceed.

How do I unlock my Tesco account?

Your account will be temporarily locked for 24 hours. After that, you can try again. Please make sure you’re entering the correct digits from your Clubcar.

Note that we advise against setting reoccurring appointments to avoid confusion between what is recurring and what isn’t. Check the Club cards on your account to make sure you’re using a valid one.