PTCL Duplicate Bill | Online Download and Print in 2023

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) is the largest land-line telephone and internet service provider in Pakistan. This company is the most utilizer of telephonic and internet systems. This is used mostly in homes and offices, schools, and business centers as part of these familiar places.

Because of a monthly-based subscription, Ptcl providers ease their customers to be the ability to refill their bills on the 20th day of every month. If subscribers get failed to time fully submit their payment then it causes disconnections or termination duties by ptcl; some people lose or forget their ptcl bill after running out from printers. So, at you can download and print your PTCL Duplicate Bill.

PTCL is Pakistan’s largest telecommunication provider. They have more than 20 million subscribers all over the country and they work with multinational companies that enable them to maintain their leading position in the market.

PTCL also has a broad portfolio of services and offers a variety of options and choices for corporate, individual, and government customers. Their breadth of coverage includes services like mobile communication, DSL, broadband internet, m-health, international connectivity (IC), etc.

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How to get PTCL Duplicate Bill?

This new bill from the Punjab Telecommunication Company Limited seems straightforward to use. If you check the website and don’t feel like downloading a printable copy for some reason, you can simply go online at and check your bill there.

You can even check it on your Android or iOS devices if you want to with their new app! You can easily view previous bills and download new ones, or look through any other transactions you made in the past 12 months whenever and wherever you have an Internet connection.

Fill out the form to Download PTCL Bill

Enter your PTCL phone number and then enter your account ID in the form of the online page and click on the button that says ‘search’ next to that and your PTCL bill should appear in front of you shortly!

Online Checking

It’s very easy now a day to check your PTCL phone bills and internet bill online easily on and it’s free of cost by entering your telephone number and record ID.

Some of the other telecommunication companies provide you with an online portal where you can view and even track your data usage online. You may want to check out services offered by your local internet providers or telecom service provider in order to find one that works best for your needs.

PTCL also provide the facility to get the PTCL duplicate bill or broadband bills online, which is own your one click and get a new duplicate bill and you can print as you want.

How to Check PTCL Bill Online?

PTCL consumers can now access their latest bills easily at, both on their mobile devices as well as desktop computers! The redesigned website is easy to navigate and provides a clutter-free platform for users to update their information, check due dates and view past bills all in one place.

Additionally, the website gives customers the chance to pay their bill online or over phone by just entering a few digits. If you have not received your bill, please call us on the line provided to get your customer ID. Once you have it, check if you can see your bill info online.

If you are still unable to see your bill using this method, please follow up with our helpful helpline representative and they will be able to assist you further. The bill format is easy to understand and view where you can easily look at the due date & amount. Furthermore, if there are any charges for any additional services that may have been bought by you, these will also appear in their respective columns.

We hope with Speed checker that no matter what internet connection type you may use (2MB+, 4MB+, 8MB+ etc.) the available speed quotation is of no use as it’s only formatting wise.

Payment Methods of PTCL Online Bill

  1. JazzCash
  2. Easypaisa
  3. UPaisa

Through PTCL own Channel

  1. PTCL Touch App for Android
  2. PTCL Touch App for iOS
  3. PCPM Machines
  4. PTCL Website

Providing Services of PTCL

There are multiple services that PTCL is providing to their valued customers in order to satisfy the needs of them.

The services include Ptcl bill online, evo bill services 2022 and much more.

  1. Create own PTCL online account easily
  2. PTL Bill inquiry service is available on the official website
  3. Also receive bill on email by e-payment services.
  4. Different products and packages.
  5. VAT (Value Added Services)
  6. Telephone sets.
  7. New Freedom voice packages.
  8. 30% discount on installation charges.

PTCL Internet Services Include

  1. Wired Internet Packages
  2. ‘Fast Path’ for Online Gamers
  3. Internet Static IP
  4. Unlimited Internet Packages
  5. Wireless Internet
  6. CharJi Unlimited Package
  7. CharJi EVO
  8. 3G EVO Wingle & Nitro Cloud
  9. PTCL EVO C@rFi

TV Services Include these Options

  1. Products & Packages
  2. Netflix via PTCL Bill
  3. Starzplay by Cinepax
  4. Smart TV
  5. Smart TV App
  6. HD Channels


The GPON Bill, introduced by PTCL in Pakistan is the latest technology of Internet Connectivity that allows users to access internet at an exponentially improved rate compared with its previous versions.

If you are interested in exploring this new and exciting technology, you can navigate through this website until you get to a web-generated bill. Which can be used for the payment of your service in any bank that accepts Internet services bills.

Helpline 24/7

PTCL has the best customer care service, and they’ll go out of their way to make sure you’re comfortable. You can reach them by phone and they’re available 24 hours a day. If that’s not convenient for you, then you can always go online instead because they provide online support 24/7.

In order to access PTCL Helpline, you should call 1218. Alternatively, you can also send ‘hi’ via WhatsApp to the number (03312181218). After receiving the main menu, you can type 3 in order to register a new complaint. Just remember that as an individual customer, your needs matter to them.

Requirements to check PTCL Bill

To be able to access your latest PTCl bill online, you will need the following:

  1. Phone Number
  2. Account ID

FAQs Related to PTCL Duplicate Bill

How can I get a copy of my PTCL bill?

The management of the PTCL gives you an opportunity in helping you receive your phone bill online by simply clicking the PTCL’s free-of-charge internet service.

You need to some details like your landline number and your account number, which will help you receive a PDF file of your duplicate bill facilitating you to keep a printout for submission.

The first step you need to take is going to the website. Here you should enter your landline number, current account number and billing information for your last bill.

Clicking on the print button will give you access to the PDF download link in your browser’s default download folder which will then appear in the form of a pop-up window on screen that you can close after accessing your downloaded file.

What is PTCL Ebill?

PTCL has created a website where you can download your bills from their servers. This means no more waiting for the postal service to bring you a bill – it instantly loads into your account online!

Check out PTCL’s new system that brings peace of mind to anyone who needs their phone or internet bill as soon as possible without wasting time waiting for snail mail.

PTCL is working hard to provide the best bill service to its customers. They offer duplicate and online billing for their services. PTCL allows one to get a duplicate or online version of their bills when they enter the phone number and an account ID.

What is PTCL login and password?

Open every web browser you have and type “” to get access to the modem we talked about yesterday. Once logged into your router, navigate to the section that gives you information about the device including login credentials in case you don’t have a sticker stuck on it somewhere.

Note down the username and password just in case you forget later on (the default password is always random so it might be different than what’s written in your user manual).

What happens if we dont pay PTCL bill?

It is important to remember that if you are not paying your subscription fees, you are breaking the terms of service. That would mean that we will not only disconnect your services, but we will also proceed with appropriate action against any outstanding fees.

There may be a fine or surcharge involved in this as well. You don’t want this. It’s better to settle everything from the very beginning than have something like that happen.

We’re sorry, but when you don’t pay your cable bill in a timely fashion, it’s not good for cool things like TV channels and broadband internet access.

What is PSTN number PTCL?

The system will translate the Mobile Number Portability Code (MNP) to a certain corresponding Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) number. According to the area code of the caller and calling time of day so that our best possible attempts are taken to connect you with the number you are calling.

Is PTCL to PTCL free?

Whenever mutually agreed upon and in which each party has to have a say,PTCL free phone dialed from mobile terminals of the Operator to originate calls to PTCL Network shall not be charged by one party to the other. However, any charge to a user’s mobile phone number line will always be at the discretion of the operator.

How can I get PTCL Netflix?

If you want to get a Netflix subscription here in Pakistan, the process is simple. You need to know your PTCL account number and your landline phone number, and then you’ll need to go to the PTCL website and fill out the form.

Is Netflix free in Pakistan?

Netflix has multiple fee and plan options. From Rs. 250 to Rs. 1,100 a month, they have a package that is meant for you so that you can get your entertainment fix as soon as possible.

Netflix has no hidden costs and no contracts, so you only need one invoice for your televisions, computers and iPads and even game consoles! Make sure to contact us now if you want to know more about the benefits of our service!