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Additionally, you can also check your bills from FESCO, GEPCO, PESCO, TESCO, and K-Electric. We’ve got you covered!

How can I locate a Reference Number or Customer ID?

If you’re looking for your duplicate Lesco bill and having trouble finding the reference number, we get how frustrating that can be.

We’re here to clear things up because once you know where to look, it’s actually quite simple. Contrary to what some people might think, the reference number isn’t placed next to the customer ID. They’re separate details found in different parts of the bill.

Specifically, your reference number is usually right under the “TARIFF” label. It’s worth mentioning that you don’t need to use both terms; whether you call it the reference number, customer number, or consumer ID is up to you.

In practice, most folks just refer to it as the reference number on their bills. Technically speaking, Lesco bills, as well as Wapda bills, don’t include customer IDs or numerical identifiers. You can use “customer number” or “consumer ID” interchangeably, but they mean the same thing.

How to find a Reference Number or Customer ID

Let’s talk about LESCO

Lahore Electric Supply Company, commonly known as LESCO, began supplying electricity to Lahore, Sheikhupura, Okara, and Kasur in 1998. LESCO takes care of all the power needs in these regions, including the following areas:

⦁ Central Lahore Circle
⦁ North Lahore Circle
⦁ Eastern Lahore Circle
⦁ South-Eastern Lahore Circle
⦁ Sheikhupura Circle

They ensure that these areas have a reliable supply of electricity.

How to request a new LESCO bill connection?

The procedure for applying for a new LESCO electricity connection is as follows:

If you have been a long-time resident of Lahore and are accustomed to making in-person payments for your electricity bills, we are pleased to inform you about an upcoming improvement in our services.

The ‘LESCO New Connection’ service is being introduced, allowing customers to be granted the convenience of applying for new electricity connections through our online platform.

The need to visit our physical office for this purpose will no longer be necessary; your application can effortlessly be submitted from the comfort of your home or any location you prefer.

It is crucial to ensure that the correct utility company is selected when your application is being submitted.

If there is uncertainty regarding which company to choose, we recommend that the official LESCO website be contacted directly for clarification.

LESCO New Connection Procedure

Here is the LESCO New Connection Procedure, made easy to follow:

⦁ Begin by completing the application form for the new connection.
⦁ Next, attach the necessary documents.
⦁ Submit the application to LESCO.
⦁ A demand notice will be issued by LESCO.
⦁ Pay the fee indicated in the demand notice.
⦁ Send the receipt for the paid fee to LESCO.
⦁ Keep track of the demand notice.
⦁ LESCO will then proceed with the installation of your new connection.

LESCO New Connection Procedure

    How To apply for a LESCO Online Meter

    To apply for a LESCO online meter, follow these steps carefully:

    ⦁ Start by thoroughly reviewing all the information provided on the website’s main page.
    ⦁ Now, select the category for your Lesco online new connection.
    ⦁ Open the application form.
    ⦁ Input your NTN (national tax number).
    ⦁ Choose the type of connection you require. Options include domestic, commercial, industrial, agriculture, tubewell, temporary, street light, residential colonies, and general services. Select the one that suits your needs.
    ⦁ Pick your subdivision.
    ⦁ Provide your father’s name.
    ⦁ Enter your CNIC number.
    ⦁ Fill in your current address.
    ⦁ Include your mobile numbers for contact.
    ⦁ Specify the name of the contact person.
    ⦁ Enter the present address of the contact person.
    ⦁ Describe your relationship with the contact person.
    ⦁ Indicate the number of meters already installed, if any.
    ⦁ Provide the name and address of your neighbor.
    ⦁ Also, select the meter installation company.

    By following these steps, you can successfully apply for a LESCO online meter.

    Documents Required for a Lesco Online New Connection

    To apply for a Lesco online new connection, several documents are necessary. Here’s what you need to provide:

    Connection Type Selection: First, the type of connection must be chosen from various options, including Domestic, Commercial, Agriculture, Tubewell, Industrial, Residential Colonies, Corporate Company, Street Light, or Temporary.

    NTN (National Tax Number): Input your NTN, which corresponds to the number on your ID card.

    Electricity Distribution Company Selection: Choose your electricity distribution company, such as LESCO or MEPCO.

    Ownership Proof: Provide proof of ownership for the premises.

    Applicant’s Undertaking: Submit an undertaking from the applicant.

    Power of Attorney: If there is more than one owner, a Power of Attorney may be required.

    NOC (No Objection Certificate): In case the applicant is a tenant, a No Objection Certificate (NOC) is necessary.

    Applicant’s Attested CNIC Copy: Include an attested copy of the applicant’s CNIC.

    Witness’s Attested CNIC Copies: Attach attested copies of the witness’s CNIC.

    Copy of Concerned Tariff: Lastly, provide a copy of the relevant tariff.

    These documents are essential for a smooth Lesco online new connection application process.

      Essential Reminders for Your New Connection Application

      Please keep these important points in mind:

      ⦁ When you submit the form, make sure to obtain a hard copy of your submission for your records.
      ⦁ Submit the application form along with copies of the required documents to the appropriate office.
      ⦁ After LESCO verifies your documents, you will receive a notice confirming the status.
      ⦁ To pay the demand notice, head to the nearest bank.
      ⦁ Send a copy of the paid demand notice to the relevant office as proof of submission.
      ⦁ After the verification of the paid demand notice, the installation of your new electricity connection will proceed.
      ⦁ If you’d like to check the status of your application, please visit the nearest office or call the helpline for assistance.

        Tips and Guidance for Reducing Your LESCO Bill

        Managing rising electricity expenses is a significant concern, as it involves allocating resources for essential residential and industrial operations during each billing cycle.

        It’s important to understand that high electricity costs result not only from increased usage but also from rising rates.

        Unfortunately, government policies often do not address the financial challenges faced by those with limited means.

        To address this issue, we offer practical strategies aimed at maximizing cost savings while ensuring uninterrupted access to electricity.

        Our recommendations are tailored to provide you with the knowledge and tools needed to effectively lower your LESCO (Lahore Electric Supply Company) bill.

          Unplug Idle Gadgets

          One effective method to lower your electric bill is to switch off devices when they’re not in use.

          Whether it’s the TV, computer, tablet, or any other electrical device, simply turning them off can make a difference.

          The issue is that we often leave some of these devices connected to a power source, resulting in charges for electricity even when they’re not actively in use.

          If you keep your appliances plugged in when they’re not in use, they’ll continue to draw electricity.

          So, even if you’re just charging your mobile phone, it’s essential to unplug it once it’s fully charged.

          This simple practice can help reduce your energy consumption and save you money.

          Unplug all Gadgets that are not in Use

            Optimize Energy Usage in Off-Peak Hours

            To cut down on electricity expenses, it’s advisable to utilize electricity during off-peak hours.

            This means you should consider turning off lights, TVs, and appliances during these specific times.

            If you’re using electric heating systems like gas or electric heaters, remember to switch them off when not in use.

            In the case of air conditioners, setting the temperature to around 20 degrees Celsius and turning off the compressor when it’s not needed can also help you save on energy costs.

            Selecting the Right Air Conditioner for Your Needs

            Choosing the right air conditioning system is a big decision, and it’s crucial to make sure it suits the unique needs of your space.

            When picking an air conditioner, you need to follow certain guidelines to maintain an indoor temperature range between 70°F and 90°F.

            Selecting the correctly sized air conditioner not only boosts energy efficiency but also leads to long-term cost savings.

            Additionally, it’s important to verify that the chosen unit is compatible with your existing electrical system, ensuring a smooth integration with your home’s wiring.

            Effective Energy-Saving Tips to Follow

            In our daily lives, we often deal with various stresses, sometimes overlooking the significant energy we use.

            It’s important to recognize that the energy we consume is a valuable resource.

            This highlights the importance of adopting energy-saving practices, which offer a double benefit – conserving energy and cutting down on costs, ultimately reducing your utility bills.

            1. Mindful Lighting: Avoid unnecessary use of lighting fixtures, as they not only serve no purpose but also contribute to increased energy consumption. It’s a good practice to switch off lights when leaving a room.
            2. Task-Oriented Lighting: When using lighting, use it purposefully for specific tasks.
              For example, limit its use to a few minutes when reading or tidying up, and remember to turn it off once the task is complete.
            3. Dimmer Switches: Consider installing dimmer switches in different rooms.
              They allow you to customize the intensity of lighting according to your specific needs, eliminating the need to turn the switch on and off each time you enter a room.
            4. Timers for Efficiency: To further optimize energy management, use timers tailored for various activities.
              Just remember to deactivate them when they’re not in use. These simple steps can lead to energy conservation and savings.

            Managing Your LESCO Bill Payments in Installments

            Did you know you can conveniently manage your LESCO (Lahore Electric Supply Company) bill payments through installment plans?

            This option ensures you make payments on time. To get started, your first step is to contact your nearest LESCO office to inquire about extending your bill’s due date.

            There are several methods available to ensure prompt settlement of your LESCO bills.

            A Step-by-Step Guide to Paying Your LESCO Bill in Installments

            Paying your LESCO bills in installments is a convenient and reliable option, with many websites offering this payment method.

            If you’re unsure how to use the LESCO website for this purpose, follow these steps:

            Access Payment Information: Look for the “Payment Information” tab on the website.

            Enter Personal Details: Provide your name, address, credit card number, and expiration date.

            Provide Account Number: Ensure you enter your account number accurately.

            Select “Pay Your Bill”: Choose the “Pay Your Bill” option. Make sure your checkbook has enough funds to cover the payment.
            By following these steps, you can easily manage your LESCO bill payments in installments, making the process smooth and reliable.

            How to Find Your PITC LESCO Bill Online

            Your search for your PITC LESCO bill ends here! We’re pleased to offer you a hassle-free online platform for accessing your electricity bill (bijli ka bill) at no cost.

            Electricity distribution in different regions of the country is managed by four utility companies, each operating under distinct names like K-Electric, Wapda, or Qaes.

            When people look for information on how to obtain their electricity bills, they often face difficulties because they may not be familiar with the specific utility company serving their area.

            However, this problem can be easily solved by entering your city’s name and selecting your corresponding utility provider, ensuring a seamless and efficient process that delivers excellent results.

            PITC LESCO Bill Online

            Understanding Taxes and Arrears in Your LESCO Duplicate Bill Online

            LESCO bills are one of the most reliable and easiest ways to pay your bills. There are many websites where you can use this payment option. However, if you don’t know how to use the LESCO site, you can follower these steps:

            • First, you will need to look for the “Payment Information” tab.
            • You should also need to fill in all of your personal information. You should enter your name and address and your credit card number and your expiration date.
            • You should also put in your account number.
            • you should also select the “Pay Your Bill “option. You will need to make sure that your checkbook has a current balance.
            Taxes and Arrears

            GST (General Sales Tax):

            GST stands for General Sales Tax, which is a percentage of consumer spending charged at the point of sale.

            Currently, GST makes up 17% of the consumer expenditure on your electricity bill.


            Arrears/Age in LESCO Bill

            Arrears are outstanding payments that have not been cleared by their designated deadlines.

            In the past, individuals were required to pay their regularly scheduled bills in full, which could be financially challenging, especially when dealing with fixed expenses.

            To address this issue, Arrears Installment Plans were introduced. These plans allow individuals to conveniently split their bill payments into equal installments.

            In simple terms, arrears represent the outstanding balance of a bill within a payment plan.

            This term may appear when installment plans have been set up for customers, enabling them to make partial payments, or when customers have not fully met their previous billing obligations.

            TR Surcharge Defined

            The Tariff Rationalization Surcharge, often shortened to TR Surcharge, is associated with the regulatory framework established by the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) and the Government of Pakistan (GOP) regarding electricity tariffs.

            The government has introduced a standardized tariff structure that applies to all Distribution Companies (DISCOs) to ensure uniformity in electricity costs.

            This tariff structure divides your electricity bill into two distinct components.

            The first part includes the subsidies you receive, as mentioned earlier. The second part involves an additional payment made directly to the GOP.

            The calculation of this payment depends on your company’s financial standing and the number of consumers served within the DISCO’s distribution network.

            FC Surcharge

            FC surcharge is applied to each unit of electricity consumed. Its purpose is to assist in repaying the company’s outstanding debts.

            The calculation for the financing cost surcharge is fixed at 0.43 (four thirty-one) rupees per kilowatt-hour consumed.

            FC Surcharge

            Key Terms on Your LESCO Duplicate Bill Online

            When it comes to bills, questions often revolve around billing details. You may have encountered terms like FPA, CR, and bill relief, and here, we aim to clarify these concepts.

            CR Explained (Credit Bill Amount):

            CR, or Credit Bill Amount, represents an amount deducted from your upcoming billing statement to offset any excess payments made in advance.

            This could be due to paying a bill multiple times or remitting a partial bill payment earlier than its due date.

            Here’s an example: If your CR is -500, your next bill(s) will total 2000. In this case, the 500 will be subtracted from the 2000 total, resulting in a final payment obligation of 1500 for your upcoming bills.

            Deferred Bill Payment Option

            As a Lesco customer, you enjoy flexible payment options. This includes the ability to defer your bill payments when needed.

            You can choose to pay your entire bill upfront or extend the payment period to a later date, making it easier to manage your expenses through monthly installments.

            PM Relief (Government Support):

            In times of crisis, the government has stepped in to assist Lesco and other electric supply companies.

            Domestic consumers who use less than 300 units have received relief. They can either pay their bill or choose not to.

            If they opt not to pay, the amount will be divided into installments and added to their next bill without any additional charges.

            Additionally, the government has provided subsidies to commercial consumers on their electricity bills.

            Paying Your LESCO Bill Made Easy

            In Pakistan, settling your LESCO bill is a straightforward process, and you have several convenient options at your disposal:

            Online Payment

            LESCO offers an online bill payment service that empowers customers to settle their bills via the LESCO website or mobile app.

            Using credit/debit cards, mobile wallets, or Internet banking, you can easily make your payment online.

            Bank Payment

            For those who prefer the traditional route, you can visit any authorized bank branch and submit your bill payment at the counter. You can use cash, cheques, or online banking services for this purpose.

            EasyPaisa/JazzCash Payment

            LESCO understands the value of mobile convenience. With EasyPaisa or JazzCash mobile wallets, you can input your reference number and bill amount in your mobile app, simplifying the payment process.

            ATM Payment

            Selected banks offer the option to settle your LESCO bills through their designated ATMs, making it even more convenient.

            Customer Services Centers

            LESCO has established customer service centers across various locations. You can visit any of these centers and make your payment in person, using cash, cheques, or credit/debit cards.

            Mobile Banking

            If you prefer handling your finances on the go, many banks offer mobile apps that allow you to pay your LESCO bills seamlessly through online banking.

            You have the flexibility to choose any of these methods according to your preference and convenience. Paying your LESCO bill has never been more hassle-free.

            Getting Help from LESCO Helpline Made Easy

            Accessing and utilizing the LESCO Helpline is a straightforward process. Here’s how you can do it:

            Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO) Complaint Numbers:
            General Helpline: 111-000-118
            Alternate Contact: (042) 35272443
            Johar Town: (042) 35164041
            Faisal Town: 0320 0525511
            Rustom Park: (042) 37460390
            DHA Lahore: (042) 3527244
            Special Helpline Number: 8118 118 100 99204801

            The LESCO Helpline is available around the clock, 24/7. You can reach out at any time to seek assistance with your LESCO-related inquiries.

            Follow the Guided Instructions

            When you dial the LESCO Helpline, you’ll be prompted to select your preferred language.

            After making your language selection, you’ll be guided through a series of options tailored to your query’s nature.

            Speak to a Representative

            In case you can’t find the option that suits your needs, don’t worry.
            You can connect with a customer service representative by pressing the appropriate key on your phone.

            Provide Your Information

            When you speak with a customer service representative, they’ll kindly request your name, LESCO account number or reference number, and any other pertinent details related to your query.

            Receive Assistance

            The customer service representative will then assist you with your query, offering the necessary information or guidance.

            By following these straightforward steps, you can effortlessly access and utilize the LESCO Helpline to get the help you need with your LESCO-related questions and concerns.

            Primary function

            Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO) plays vital roles in ensuring a smooth and reliable supply of electricity to its consumers. Here are its primary functions:

            Electricity Distribution

            LESCO is responsible for distributing electricity to a wide range of consumers, including residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural users within its designated service area.

            Its goal is to provide a stable and dependable electricity supply that meets the needs of its customers.

            Billing and Customer Services

            Managing the entire billing process and offering customer support is another crucial aspect of LESCO’s operations.

            This involves tasks like reading meters, generating bills, and addressing customer inquiries and complaints related to electricity consumption and billing matters.

            Infrastructure Maintenance

            LESCO takes on the important task of maintaining and enhancing the electrical infrastructure within its service area.

            This includes the upkeep of power lines, substations, and various electrical equipment to ensure a continuous and efficient supply of electricity to consumers.

            Power Theft Prevention

            Similar to many utility companies in developing regions, LESCO encounters challenges related to power theft and unauthorized connections.

            To combat these issues, the company implements measures to deter power theft and encourage lawful electricity usage.

            It’s important to note that the information provided here is based on the state of affairs as of September 2021.

            There may have been subsequent developments or changes related to LESCO since then. For the most current information, please refer to up-to-date sources.

            LESCO Operation Circles: A Quick Overview

            The Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO) operates through various circles to efficiently manage its services. Here’s a brief breakdown:

            North Lahore Circle: This circle comprises 5 divisions and 28 sub-divisions.

            Central Lahore Circle: With 5 divisions and 31 sub-divisions, this circle serves central Lahore.

            Eastern Lahore Circle: Covering eastern Lahore, it has 4 divisions and 23 sub-divisions.

            Okara Circle: Okara Circle includes 4 divisions and 23 sub-divisions.

            South-Eastern LHR Circle: This circle has 4 divisions and 26 sub-divisions, serving the south-eastern part of Lahore.

            Sheikhupura Circle: Covering Sheikhupura, it consists of 4 divisions and 18 sub-divisions.

            Kasur Circle: Kasur Circle encompasses 5 divisions and 30 sub-divisions.

            Nankana Circle: Lastly, Nankana Circle comprises 4 divisions and 16 sub-divisions.

            These circles are essential for the efficient management and delivery of electrical services in various areas served by LESCO.

            FAQs about LESCO Duplicate Bill Online

            How can I check my Lesco bill online?

            To access our services, visit billinginfo.pk and log into your account. After a successful login, proceed to the next page.

            Alternatively, you can use Google.com to search for your bill number on our website, billinginfo.pk.

            On the website, scroll down to the ‘check bill’ page, where you can search for your bill or input your Lesco bill reference number found in your monthly meter reading document.

            Click on the “progress” button to access detailed energy consumption details.

            Keep connected with our website to receive timely updates on the latest news, deals, offers, and more.

            How can I know my electricity bill reference number?

            Your Reference Number is a 14-digit number located in a square box on your bill, often at the bottom corner.

            Enter this Reference Number and click on SUBMIT to quickly download a record of your bill data.

            What is the Consumer number on the Lesco bill?

            To conveniently access your Lesco online bills, all you need is the 14-digit reference number.

            Sign in to your account and review any of your previous bills.
            Alternatively, you may use the CNIC method to inspect your bill for the current month.

            For this process, you’ll need two essential pieces of information: your member identification number, accessible via your account login, or obtainable through your CNIC.

            What is meant by a detection bill?

            A billing statement indicating a potential issue with your meter’s performance signifies a detection bill.

            It suggests that the utility company has detected an anomaly affecting the meter’s ability to accurately measure your energy consumption.

            This can result from technical malfunctions or mechanical issues, requiring a thorough inspection.

            The initial step involves a ‘Check Meter’ evaluation to assess accuracy. If discrepancies are identified, the utility company will replace your meter with a new one to ensure precise measurement.

            How many watts does a fridge use?

            Refrigerators worldwide typically consume between 350 and 780 kilowatt hours annually, influenced by factors such as ambient temperature.

            Warmer environments require more effort from the fridge. Excessive and frequent door openings can also increase electricity consumption. Assess your fridge’s performance at home to determine its average annual power consumption.

            What causes high electric bills?

            Several factors can contribute to unexpectedly high housing expenses, including weather fluctuations, estimated energy consumption billing, inadequate insulation in older properties, and transitioning to a new residence.

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