LESCO Duplicate Bill Online in 2023

If you need to check your latest LESCO (WAPDA) electricity bill online?  Here you go! At Billinginfo.pk you can check LESCO duplicate bill online by Reference Number or Customer ID. You can view the amount of your bill, the date of its due date, and payment status where you can see if you have paid this bill or not.

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All Details about LESCO

Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO) started off providing electricity to the areas of Lahore, Sheikhupura, Okara, and Kasur in 1998. The company is responsible for the generation and development of all power requirements in these areas such as:

  • Central Lahore Circle
  • North Lahore Circle
  • Eastern Lahore Circle
  • South-Eastern LHR Circle      
  • Sheikhupura Circle

How to find a Reference Number or Customer ID?

If you’re looking to get a duplicate Lesco bill, then we understand how annoying it can be to try and find the reference number. We want to reassure you that this is very easy once you know where it is! While many people think the reference number is located beside a customer ID that is not the case.

The independent reference number and customer ID are totally different things, so they are placed in different locations on the bill. You can usually spot your reference number right below the words TARIFF. Remember that, no need to get both, whether you call the reference number the customer number or the consumer id is up to you.

In fact, most people just refer to it as the reference number on bills. Technically there isn’t a customer id or numbers on bills like at lesco, or wapda. You can consider calling it either customer number or consumer id but these are just different terms for the same thing!

Basic Points to Check LESCO Duplicate Bill

We know how it can be frustrating to enter the reference number when you’re checking your bill (or any other information) online.

You have to type it or manually select each character one-by-one until the field becomes focused. Our website billinginfo.pk takes this care off your shoulders! To enter your reference number, just type it as usual and our system will set focus automatically on the corresponding field.

As a result, checking your electricity bill has been so easy! No doubt Billinginfo.pk makes it super easy to view and print an online copy of your Lesco bill with our nifty, uncomplicated bill tracking system that has been devised by industry experts who know a thing or two about keeping electricity billing simple.

That’s why we’ve succeeded in implementing a high-tech online utility for monthly utility bills for Karachi and Lahore residents that lets you quickly see your current account balance and list past transactions.

Plus, the innovative way to track your electric bill is free to use from any device so you could be on the go at all times; just log on from any place and any time with ease!

Your monthly bills library keeps your old bills safe (if you’ve checked them last month using Billinginfo. pk), so if you’re looking for your last bill for the month of 21st April, it can be found here. You can also use the Email Subscription service and we’ll send the new June bill out to you automatically via email.

Steps to check LESCO Bill Online

  • Visit lesco bill website.
  • Enter the reference number or customer id for your most recent bill. Select Customers, Utilities and then click on Bill Search.
  • On the next screen, you will see some details of your pending payments/ bill. We assure you that it is safe to view.
  • Further down the page, you will see options to pay your bills such as debit card, credit card or net banking, etc.
  • If you want to open your full bill, please click on the ‘View Complete Bill’ button.
  • With our easy to access bill service, you can now download or print your LESCO electricity bills right onto your printer.

Complete Procedure of How to apply a New Connection of LESCO Bill?

If you have been living in Lahore for a long time and you have been paying your electricity bills in person, then you will be happy to hear that the company is about to introduce a new service.

The new service is called LESCO new connection. This new connection allows customers to apply for new connections online. You don’t need to come to the company office to apply for the new connection anymore. You can easily do that from the comfort of your home or anywhere else.

It is important to remember that you need to ensure that the company you are applying with is the right one. If you are not sure which company is the right one, then you should contact the directly LESCO official website.

LESCO New Connection Procedure

  1. Firstly fill out the application form for the new connection.
  2. Then attach the required documents.
  3. You should submit it to Lesco.
  4. If Lesco will issue a demand notice.
  5. Then Pay the fee of the demand notice.
  6. Send the receipt of the paid fee to Lesco.
  7. Track the demand notice.
  8. Lesco will proceed to install a new connection.

LESCO Online Meter Application

  1. You should carefully read all the information given on the main page of the website.
  2. Now choose the category of Lesco online new connection.
  3. Open the application form
  4. Enter your NTN ( national tax number)
  5. You should select the type of connection that you want. The connections are domestic, commercial, industrial, agriculture, tubewell, temporary, street light, residential colonies, and general services, what you like.
  6. Choose your subdivision
  7. Write your father’s name
  8. Enter your CNIC number
  9. Enter your Present address
  10. Enter the mobile numbers
  11. Type the Name of the contact person
  12. Type the present address of the contact person
  13. Relationship with the contact person
  14. You should Mention the no. of meters already installed
  15. Write the Neighbor name and address
  16. Also select the meter installation company

Documents Required For Lesco Online New Connection

  1. Firstly you should choose the type of connection: Domestic, Commercial, Agriculture, Tubewell, Industrial, Residential colonies, Corporate company, Street light, and Temporary. 
  2. Enter the NTN (National Tax Number). This will be the number on your ID card.
  3. Select your electricity distribution company. e.g., LESCO, MEPCO
  4. Ownership proof.
  5. Undertaking of Applicant.
  6. Power of attorney (if there is more than 1 owner)
  7. NOC (no objection certificate) (if the applicant is a tenant)
  8. Applicant’s attested CNIC copy.
  9. Witness’s attested CNIC copies.
  10. Copy of concerned tariff

Remember that

  1. When you submit the form, please remember that don’t forget to get a hard copy of your submission.
  2. Submit the application form with copies of the required documents to the concerned office.
  3. You will also receive a notice after your documents have been verified by the LESCO.
  4. To pay the demand notice, visit the nearest bank.
  5. Send a copy of the paid demand notice to the office concerned.
  6. Your new electricity connection will be installed once the paid demand notice has been verified.
  7. If you would like to check the status of your application, please visit the nearest office or call the helpline.

Information about, Guide, Tips to Reduce your LESCO Bill

Increasing electricity bills is an extremely important issue. When you pay the bills, you have to pay for electricity. Electricity is important for doing various household and industrial activities.

We don’t usually understand that the high electricity bills are not only related to the huge consumption but also due to the increase in the prices.

The government does not consider the interests of the poor. We, therefore, suggest you save your money and pay fewer bills. We will provide you with some tips that will help you to reduce your lesco bill.        

Unplug all Gadgets that are not in Use

To reduce the electric bill, turn off devices when they aren’t being used. You can just switch off the TV, computer, tablet, or any other electrical device.

The problem with this is that we tend to leave some of these devices plugged into a socket, so we get charged for using power even though we didn’t use anything.

If you leave your appliances plugged in when you are not using them, the electricity will still be used. Even if you are only charging your mobile phone, remember to unplug it after you have finished. You can also charge your phone while it is fully charged.

Use Appliances During Off-Peak Hours

If you want to reduce the electricity bills, you should use electricity during the off peak hours. For example, you should turn off the lights, TV and appliances during these hours.

If you are using an electric heating system, such as gas or electric heaters, make sure you turn them off when you aren’t using them. If you have air conditioners, set the temperature to 20 degrees Celsius. Turn the compressor off when it isn’t in use.

Choose your Air Conditioner Wisely

Buying an air conditioner is a big decision. You also want to make sure that you buy one that will suit your room. An air conditioner must meet certain specifications. The AC has to be able to keep the temperature within the range of 70°F to 90°F.

The right size AC will use less energy and save you money. It also needs to be compatible with your electrical circuit. This means that your house wiring system will need to be compatible with the AC.

To Save Energy, Use the Following Tips

Most of us have to deal with a lot of stress every day. We don’t think about how much energy we use, but we do realize that the energy we spend is precious.

This is why you should use energy-saving methods. These methods can help you to save energy while saving money. Using these methods can also help you to reduce your lesco bill.

  1. Don’t turn on unnecessary lights. You don’t need them, and they consume extra energy. You should Turn them off when you leave your room.
  2. When you need to use a light, only turn it on for a short period. For example, use the light only for a minute to read a book or put away clothes. When you are all done, turn off the light right now.
  3. Try to set up dimmer switches in rooms. You can adjust them to the level of lighting you need in each room. This way you won’t need to use a light switch every time you enter a room.
  4. You can use timers. Set them for different activities and then turn them off.

LESCO Bill Installment

Do you know that you can pay your LESCO Bill in installments? Yes! You can make your payments on time. To do this, First of all, you should call up your LESCO office and find out if you can extend your due date. There are several ways that you can go about paying your LESCO bill on time.

If you want to extend your due date, you can choose to pay it in installments. You can do so at your local LESCO office. Or you can go online and visit the LESCO website and follow the instructions. This is what most people do to pay their bills on time.              

Bill Installment Procedure

LESCO bills are one of the most reliable and easiest ways to pay your bills. There are many websites where you can use this payment option. However, if you don’t know how to use the LESCO site, you can follower these steps:

  • First, you will need to look for the “Payment Information” tab.
  • You should also need to fill in all of your personal information. You should enter your name and address and your credit card number and your expiration date.
  • You should also put in your account number.
  • you should also select the “Pay Your Bill “option. You will need to make sure that your checkbook has a current balance.

Looking for PITC LESCO Bill?

The search is over! From now on, you can get your electricity bill (bijli ka bill) online for free. There are four companies that supply electricity to the main divisions of the country which are known under different names like K-Electric or Wapda or Qaes.

When looking for information about getting an electricity bill, most people have a hard time finding it because they don’t know which company supplies their area’s electricity. But this problem goes away if you simply enter your city name instead, and select your company and get excellent results.

LESCO Helpline Number

If you have issues on your bill, like “bill blocked”, or need to correct your bill, you can visit Customer Service Centers that are nearby, or call the LESCO Headquarter by phone at 011–0000–118

If you notice that the line number is busy for some time, don’t let that discourage you. There are a lot of people waiting to speak to a customer service representative, but this wait won’t be too long.

Taxes in LESCO


GST is an abbreviation for General Sales Tax; no doubt General Sales Tax is a percentage of consumer expenditure charged at the point of sale. Currently, GST represents 17% of consumer expenditure on your electricity bill.

Arrears/Age in Lesco Bill

Arrears are the term used to describe payments which have not been paid up by the due date. Historically, people had to pay regularly scheduled bills in full which can be a burden when paying fixed expenses. This is the reason why Arrears Installment Plans came into being where you can pay your bill in equal installments based on convenience.

On the other word Arrears are the remaining amount of money that is to be paid on a bill as part of a plan. You may see this field if you have created installments plans for your customers (they can pay their bills in portions) or if they didn’t completely pay their last bill.

Lesco TR Surcharge

Tariff Rationalization Surcharge or TR Surcharge for short, is something related to NEPRA and GOP tariff. The government came up with a uniform tariff for all Distribution Companies, so as to avoid disparity in electricity cost amongst them.

The bill will be divided into 2 parts – the first being the amount you get compensated through the subsidies mentioned above and the second one being an additional payment that you make to GOP directly. This payment is decided by your company’s financial status and how many consumers are within their distribution range.

FC Surcharge

Financing cost surcharge was implemented on the 10th of June 2015. This extra fee applies to each unit consumed in order to ensure that Power Holding Private Limited is repaid for its debts. The financing cost surcharge is calculated at 0.43 (four thirty-one) rupees per kilowatt hour consumed.

Important Fields on LESCO Wapda Bill

Billing questions are the most common when it comes to the bills. You must have got many queries about terms like FPA, CR and bill relief etc. So here we will discuss how you can get clarifications.

CR Meaning

CR is Credit bill amount. It’s an amount that is deducted from your next bill to pay off whatever extra you might have paid in advance on account of paying a bill more than once, or paying part of the bill amount earlier than it was due. To understand better, consider this example: You have CR = -500, so your next bill(s) amount becomes 2000.

Then the 500 will deduct from the 2000 ordered, and you will only have to pay 1500 for your subsequent bills.

Deferred Bill

One of the best things about being a customer of Lesco is that we give you the option to defer payments on your bill if necessary.

This way, you have the option of paying your entire bill right away or adding to it until a later date and breaking up the costs for more manageable monthly installments.

PM Relief 

In a time of crisis, the Government has decided to help out lesco and other electric supply companies. Domestic consumers that consume less than 300 units have been granted relief from these companies so that they may either pay their bill or not.

If they don’t – it shall be divided into installments and added to the next bill for them without any extra charges. The Government has even given commercial consumers a subsidy on their electricity bills.

FAQs Related to LESCO Duplicate Bill

How can I check my lesco bill online?

Just visit billinginfo.pk, log in and then navigate the next page, or you can also search the bill number on Google.com; just go to the website billinginfo.pk.

Just scroll down to the ‘check bill’ page and there you can search for your bill or enter your Lesco bill reference number which is mentioned in your monthly meter reading document.

Now click on progress button and you will find all energy consumption details. Keep visiting the website from time-to-time for our latest news updates, deals, offers and so much more.

How can I check my lesco bill by ID card?

Only by referencing your lesco bill number can you get an overview of all your past March electricity and gas usage. We’re sorry, but there’s currently no way to check lesco e bills by ID card number (NIC), or name, or meter number.

If you have an account with lesco and are having issues reaching a representative via telephone call then you can dial 152 in order to contact our helpline support team using the internet.

How can I know my electricity bill reference number?

Looking for your Reference Number on your bill? It’s a 14 digit number written in a square box. It will often be located at the bottom corner of the bill.

Please enter in your Reference Number and click on SUBMIT and within moments you should be able to download a record of your bill data. Easy!

What is Consumer number on Pesco bill?

All you need is the 14 digit reference number to check your Pesco online bills by signing into your account and looking at any given previous bill.

Or, you can use the CNIC method to check your current month’s bill. The only two things you’ll need in order to do this is your member identification number, which can be found by signing into your account, or by using CNIC.

What is meant by detection bill?

When you are served a bill for slowness, it means that the utility company has observed a problem on your meter that is considered to be slowing down how fast it can count the volume of energy you are using.

This could be due to either a technical problem or with something mechanical, so they must check both. What they will do is first test the meter with a ‘Check Meter’ which checks whether their reading is accurate. If not then they will remove your current meter and replace it with a new one.

How many watts is a fridge?

Most refrigerators in the world use anywhere from 350 to 780 kilowatt hours per year, and this rate all depends on a variety of factors.

The kitchen’s ambient temperature means something when it comes to cooling costs. If your room is hot, your fridge will be working harder than with a cooler setting.

Also, if you open the refrigerator more than you should, that can lead to added electricity usage as well. So measure your fridge at home and also make sure you know how much power it uses on average each year!

What causes high electric bills?

There are a number of reasons why your housing expenses could have been unexpectedly high this month. These could include unexpected and drastic changes in the weather – during winter for example or bill being based on an estimated rather than actual take on your energy use.

Inadequate insulation – particularly where older properties are concerned, and moving into a new home can also increase energy costs.