HESCO Online Bill Check | Download and Print your Bill

HESCO stands for Hyderabad Electric Supply Company, is a public company that provides electric distribution services to the city of Hyderabad and the Sindh province in Pakistan.

HESCO was founded on April 23, 1998, and is responsible for supplying electricity to homes and businesses in its service area. You can get your HESCO Online Bill Check for free by entering your reference number into the input field above.

You’ll be able to see your bill amount and due date, as well as the full bill picture. You can also print or download the bill picture for your records.

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HESCO Bill Reference Number

Find your reference number on your previous bill; it will be located above the consumer name, as seen in the image below. If you can’t find it, don’t worry, we’ve marked it in red on a sample Hesco bill to help you out. All you need to do is input the reference number in the form above and you’re all set!

How to Get a Duplicate HESCO WAPDA Bill?

  • Look at the top of this page and type the 14-Digit Reference Number from your Old Hesco Bill
  • Then enter the Green Color Button 
  • So now, your duplicate HESCO Bill will appear in the new Web Window.
  • If your past bill appears, then your electricity bill is not issued by HESCO. So you can recheck after a few days.

HESCO Online Bill Download and Print

  • If you are using your personal Laptop/P.C, then set your printer and enter the CTRL+P to print your Hesco Bill.
  • Your HESCO will be printed.
  • If you are using your Android/IOS Device, then enter three dots to download the Bill.
  • You can easily HESCO Bill Online Check receipt download to your phone memory.

Area of Operations

HESCO is responsible for supplying electricity to 12 districts in Sindh, Pakistan. In order to ensure an uninterrupted electric supply to 1,138,328 consumers.

HESCO has set up 4 operation Circles, 15 operation Divisions and 67 operation Sub-divisions along with 6 construction divisions, and 5 M & T divisions. The company is working diligently to provide smooth electricity supply to its customers without any interruptions.

Operation Circle

  • Hyderabad
  • Laar
  • Nawabshah
  • Mirpurkhas
  • HESCO Region

Aim of HESCO

HESCO’s primary goal is to make sure that the people of Hyderabad have access to continuous electricity so that they can prosper and grow.

To meet high customer expectations, HESCO focuses on keeping its technical facilities in good condition and providing excellent customer service.

HESCO also makes sure that its employees have a safe and secure working environment and opportunities for growth. Lastly, as a public entity, HESCO strives to be ethical and follow all social and corporate laws.

HESCO Online Bill Payment

Paying your HESCO bill online is now easier than ever before! You can do it through any bank in Pakistan, or through  the JazzCash App, EasyPaisa App, and Nayapay.

To pay online through any near bank, you can firstly go to the utility payment option on your bank app and chose HESCO in the Bill information section.

When you choosing the company name as “HESCO,” input your consumer number. The bank can easily verify the company name and consumer number and show you the billed amount.

Bill Payment via Jazz Cash

JazzCash makes it easy to pay your HESCO bill. You can choose from one of three convenient payment methods:

  1. Jazz Cash Account
  2. JazzCash Retailer and
  3. JazzCash App

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to pay your HESCO bill online through the JazzCash application;

  1. Firstly enter*786#
  2. Select “Pay Bills”
  3. Select Type of Bill
  4. Select Company – Select HESCO Input reference number in the consumer number field.
  5. Review your Transaction details and type MPIN to confirm payment. Your bill payment will be completed.

Components of HESCO Online Bill Check

The HESCO bill generation mechanism involves meter reading, which sometimes isn’t accurate because it’s done by humans. Inaccurate readings can result in consumers paying for more or fewer electricity units than they actually used.

However, most people pay their bills without checking to see if the readings are correct. To avoid this, it’s necessary to understand the interpretation of different components of the bill. It might seem difficult at first, but with the help of the below information, you can easily interpret the Hesco bill fields.


The online bill issued by HESCO has the same format for all consumers, with the exception of the data in the bill. Every bill has unique codes that serve as identifiers, including a reference number, meter number, and consumer I.D., but only difference is your name and address.

The identifiers on your HESCO bill are unique to you and are used to identify the owner of the bill. For your convenience, we have marked these numbers on a sample HESCO bill in the box below:

Reference Number

This 14-digit number on your WAPDA bill indicates whether you’re an urban or rural consumer. The “U” stands for urban, while the “R” stands for rural. You can use this number to check your bill online.

Meter Number

Your meter number is a six-digit number that uniquely identifies your electricity meter. You can find this number displayed on your meter.

Billing History

Your bill for the past twelve months can be found under the heading of Web generated Bill. The table has four columns, which show each month’s consumed units, billed amount, and payment received against your bill by HESCO. This information can help you develop strategies to lower your consumption and expenses for the upcoming months.

HESCO Bill Charges

The bottom half of your bill shows how your charges were calculated. First, all the utility companies take a snap of the meter reading, which should be attached to the invoice.

No doubt these charges on your electricity bill come from two places – the distribution company (HESCO) and the government. Keep reading to find out more about each charge.


The Fuel Price Adjustment (FPA) is a charge that appears on your monthly electricity bill. This charge exists to account for changes in the price of oil in the international market. The FPA is collected by distribution companies based on the price of oil for a given month.

QTR Tariff Adj

The government makes changes to the tariffs every quarter, and we have to adjust our charges for the months that have already passed. This charge is called the Quarterly Adjustment.

T.R. Surcharge

T.R. stands for Tariff Rationalization Surcharge. This happens when there is a difference between the prices set by NEPRA and GOP (the Pakistani government).

The government pays this surcharge when the prices go down, but if the prices rise, the distribution companies collect the surcharge from the consumers.


The government deducts a particular percentage for service charges on goods and services. This is calculated by adding up the electricity duty, electricity cost, F.C. Surcharge, and QTR Tariff Adjustment, and then taking 17% of that total.

HESCO’s New Connection, Charges & Procedure

 The following documents are required with the application form to complete the procedure:

  • CNIC Copy (Attested)
  • Two Witnesses CNIC Copy (Attested)
  • Property Ownership Paper. 
  • Undertaking by the applicant
  • Signed copy of Tariff Guide


  • Find the online application form
  • You can fill the online application Form with the correct data
  • Then print the duly filled online application form
  • So attach the documents with the application Form
  • Send the Application form along with an attachment to the concerned HESCO office
  • After verification demand notice will be issued to consumers.
  • You can pay the demand notice to the relevant bank
  • Send a copy of the paid demand notice to the HESCO office.
  • After verification of the Demand notice, a HESCO representative will contact you, and your connection will be installed.

HESCO Contact Center

Customer service is very important to HESCO, so we have set up customer contact centers in each of our operational divisions.

You can visit the HESCO Official Website service page to find the center nearest you. Just navigate to your corresponding division and location, and you will see the center’s name, contact number and location.

Give us a call and we’ll be happy to help you with your issue.

HESCO Bill Email Service

HESCO has introduced an e-bill service; through this feature, you can subscribe to monthly email service.

Firstly you should only have to give your email address and your reference number, and then you will receive a monthly bill record through email. This is a great way to keep track of your monthly expenses and make sure that you never miss a payment.

Complaint and Contact Information

If you have any problems with your HESCO bill, Power supply, or meter, please call the customer service number provided at the bottom right of your invoice. You can also use this number to notify officials about any electricity theft happening in your neighborhood.

HESCO Bill Application

There is no local app for HESCO Bill on the play store or any other platfoam. However, billinginfo.pk offers a great way for HESCO customers to check their bill online. So check your bill online right now.

FAQs Related to Hesco Online Bill Check

How do I check my Metre balance?

To check your prepaid balance or total credit used, just press 07 on your keypad and hit the blue button. Your amount of bill will be displayed on the screen.

Can I pay hesco bill online?

To get started, click on the “Bill Payments” icon on the homepage. Then, select “New Biller” and choose the category “Utility.” In the Biller’s name field, write “HESCO – Hyderabad Electric Supply Company.” Finally, add the reference ID from one of your previous bills.

How is monthly load calculated?

To calculate your monthly electricity bill, we take the total electricity used in the month and divide it by your peak demand. Then, we multiply that number by the number of days in the billing cycle and the total hours in a day.

How to check Hesco bill paid or not?

When you’re checking your HESCO bill to see if it’s been paid, take a look at the payment history on the right side of the bill. This will show you which months have been paid and which haven’t.

What are the 14 Digit Reference number and How to find it?

The 14-digit reference number you need is on the left side of your bill, just below your consumer ID. You can find it by looking at your most recent bill.

How to Reduce Electricity Bill?

There are several things you can do to lower your electricity bill. You can paint your roof white to reflect heat, unplug devices that aren’t being used so they’re not drawing power, inspect devices that use a lot of energy and see if they can be used less often or during off-peak hours, and choose appliances wisely.

Some air conditioners use more electricity than others, so it’s worth doing some research to find one that’s more efficient. Additionally, try to use fewer machines that consume a lot of power.

What is consumer ID?

Your consumer ID is a unique number that is assigned to you when you first connect to a service. This number is required when you pay your bills or need to raise a complaint.


As we know with the help of online bill pay, people can pay their online bills in a very convenient manner. It is definitely a great way to pay bills when there is no need to write a check or to stand in a check-cashing line.

Most of the online bill pay services are free and they are very easy to use. With a few clicks, the online payment can be made. A lot of people are interested in this service, and that is why it has become so popular. People have started using this service for all kinds of purposes; it’s easy to check your HESCO online bill these days.

Just enter your HESCO reference number on a laptop or smartphone, and you’ll get a duplicate of your bill. This is a great way to stay on top of your payments, and it’s all thanks to the internet!

We hope you enjoyed our article about how to check HESCO online bill. With this knowledge, we know that you can make the most of your electricity bill and stay in control of your finances when using online bill payment